About Us

Who We Are
Our Vision is for children to grow up and have sweet memories about their days at Kiddie Kastle. Every day, each child is recognized, loved and respected. Parents and teachers become family, children have fun, and everyone enjoys the Kiddie Kastle experience.
Why choose us?

High Quality Education

From Infancy to school-age, our staff  help children reach their milestones, become independent, and to reach academic goals with developmentally appropriate practice. Our teachers develop lesson plans based on the childrens’ interest to help make learning a great, memorable experience.

Qualified Teachers

Each staff member is carefully selected and completes and extensive training course designed according to Kiddie Kastle and state policies. We have a nurturing staff of  degreed teachers or currently enrolled in Early Education courses. Each staff member completes a background check and is certified in CPR, First Aid, Child Abuse and Communicable Diseases.

Welcoming Environment

We pride ourselves on offering a bright, safe and clean environment. Parents and children love the bright colorful classrooms and the festive décor and seasonal crafts.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a quality educational environment for young children and to serve as a resource for the families we serve to enhance the lives of children, families and our communities needs.