Our Services

Creative Curriculum

Kiddie Kastle utilizes the “Creative Curriculum” as the base for our programs. We believe children learn best when they are engaged and feel valued. The creative curriculum offers choices and encourages flexibility.

CEOGC Head Start

Head Start is a government funded education program for children ages 3-5 which focuses on developing skills, independence, and learning through play.


For infants and toddlers we tailor our program toward auditory and visual recognition, songs sounds, smiles and giggles, counting and similar.

Gross Motor

Through play, children practice control and coordination with large and small body movements. We have the biggest and the best playground any child would ever want to play on from toddler to tween. There is lots of space to run, basketball hoops, climbing toys, fun slides, bikes and much more.

Music and Movement

Children love music! Whether its finger plays and sign language, or listening to Mr. Wes play his acoustic guitar, music is an essential part of our day. The children love to boogie to the beats with rhythm and dance about the movements of Coperiera, a Brazilian form of martial arts or just singing during circle time to start our day.

Dramatic Play

Where can you find a princess, fireman, mailmen, veterinarian’s, chef’s, karate instructor’s, policemen all working next to each other? In the dramatic play area! This is where children learn about themselves and the world around them. Dramatic play experiences are some of the first ways children learn about their likes and dislikes, their interests and their abilities. They experiment with role playing and work to make sense out of what they’ve observed.


We believe that both science and math are essential to everyday learning, not an extra, one day we may plan to follow a cupcake recipe and the next be learning about and playing with our class pet gecko’s Leo and Lola. We are very hands on, which makes all of our science and math lessons even more interesting and relative.